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Automotive Assembly

Torque Angle Sensor (Automated TORQUE ANGLE SENSOR Ass'y Line)

Sensor assembly facility of automobile steering system


Capacity 1pcs / 5sec
Main Unit Laser Welding, Bosch Type Conveyor Vision Inspection, Precision Dispenser

Ignition Coil (Automated IGNITION COIL Ass'y MC)

Automotive booster coil assembly equipment


Capacity 1pcs / 5sec
Main Unit Index Turn Table, Spot Welding Resistance Check, Palletizer

YOKE Ass'y (Automated YOKE Ass'y MC)

As an assembly facility of Yoke, assembles Magnet, Plate, Oil Felt, Lock Washer, etc.


Capacity 1pcs / 6sec
Main Unit Multi-joint Robot, Index Turn Table Vision Inspection, Chain Pitch Conveyor
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