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Tabber & Stringer (Automated Solar Cell Tabbing & String Machine)

Solar Cell production in 8-12 Serial Strings


Capacity 1cell / 6sec
Main Unit Hot Air Soldering Unit, Vision Align, Ribbon Feeding, String Unloading

Layup & Bussing (Automated Solar Cell Layup & Bussing Machine)

Lay Up : Line up 6~8 rows of strings “+, -” on Bussing Plate
Bussing : Electrical connection through String Bus Bar welding


Capacity 1cell / 6sec
Main Unit String layup, Ribbon Cutting, Bussing Plate, Bus Bar Feeding

Solar Laminator

High-temperature Laminating of Bussed Cells on Glass and PTEF Sheets


Capacity 4Module / 20min
Main Unit Lower/Upper Chamber, Heating Plate, Vacuum Pump, Moving Conveyor
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